Task And Solution

The management of Alsavique International set the task to develope a corporate website, which in turn, became the brand identity in 20+ countries of the world, and simplifies an access to the purchase of cosmetic products from any place of the world. The visual component is enhanced due to an unique and adaptive design.

Colors and printing types

Title - Muller Text - Helvetica Neue Cyr
  • #ffffff
  • #dedede
  • #8d8d8d
Internal pages

Page «News» with subcategories

Page «Product map» with integrated slider


All agents are interconnected and have their own sequence of intake. Therefore, the developed solution was to assign two colors to each agent: the main one (which corresponds to the package) and the secondary one (which indicates the next agent in line for intake).

An example of the vertical slider animation

Page «Menu» the example of opening animation

Adaptive design

Computer / Phone / Tablet

Page «News»
Page «Menu»
Page «Home»