Student Liberty

The task was to develop a youth news portal for the Department of Student Liberty, in order to replace the old version of the website and to facilitate the use of the functions of the Journalism Department by updating the administration panel. Before the project was launched, an agreement was signed on "non disclosure of party internal processes". We are grateful for the trust shown at such a high level.

For the correct reflection of the design on displays of different sizes, a web page layout and layouts of key pages were created: mobile, tablet and pc versions.

During our work, it was decided to carry out a rebranding of the "Youth Party", create a new font for the "Liberty party" (which is now used in the youth party "Student Liberty"), develop a new logo, as well as completely renew business and printed matter.

With our support, the site traffic has increased by 53%, 97% of which was the target audience. Additional projects have been created to increase conversions.

Purpose of the project: to teach and familiarize young and ambitious students with the processes of political work in our country.

The purpose of the project: to provide urgent assistance to students and to consolidate students' regional teams into a single structure.

The projects are currently in the testing stage, detailed information about the projects is not disclosing!